The EP

First of all, the inspiration for The River EP came as many do. By accident. I’d written a motown/old soul album for Full Moon Productions as an assigment for film/TV music. It went really well. (One of the songs was even used in a highly successful youtube ad.) So I was sitting in the studio with Joe Hite and Kyle White (good to have wizards for friends) and we were playing a recent track for Joe when the lightbulb went off. He KNEW instantly that I needed to be writing in the old soul/motown style for myself. I’ve always loved singing the old soulful r&b and motown music but for some reason had never really made an effort to create my own original music after that genre. But that was it! I started writing and recording with the absolute best musicians around. We’re VERY excited and proud to be releasing this music. At the moment, riding high on the sweet momentum this new EP is gaining, I am concentrating all my efforts into writing a concert-length production featuring a powerful live show with a full horn section, background singers and incredible rhythm section that will highlight some of the most talented musicians Milwaukee has to offer. It’s just for the FUN. And trust me… it will be!


I am a super nerd.

I geek out and freak out over all things Alan Watts, Ram Dass, Terrance Mckenna and Timothy Leary to name just a few (I could go on and on.)

I’ve studied Hinduism and Buddhism for years and although I would never consider myself to “be” anything, most of the tenets have been applied with much success in my life. (I understand everything Jim Carrey is saying. If you haven’t heard his rant outside the Harper’s Bazaar Icon’s Party… it’s pretty hilarious I kind of love it.)

I love music (obviously) and I make my living as a singer and songwriter in the Milwaukee/Chicago areas. I perform with quite a few bands… in Chicago, my favorite gig is with Tabasko Sound Kitchen where we get to do a lot of my original material. In Milwaukee, I’ve been performing with Eddie Butts Band and my own super cool sparky spanky duo with the infamous guitarist Peter Mac.

Some highlights of my career include singing with blues musicians Susan Tedeschi (what a stunning human being!) and Jon Paris (a staple of the New York blues scene… I got to sing onstage once with him and George Thorogood in a monkey mask. George was in the monkey mask… not me…) I’ve also been singing on radio & TV commercials including AT&T and Hyundai. I sang once about varicose veins. Very glamorous.

I write film/TV music for Full Moon Productions in Milwaukee. It’s a BLAST. I’ve written a bluegrass album, 80’s pop, Yacht Rock (Yes there is such a thing. Only to be listened to on yachts though.) and many others.

My playground is a stage full of musicians… full horn section, background singers, kick-ass rhythm section… yeah baby.

My favorite holiday is Halloween.


AND writing danceable, catchy, fun, playful, feel-good tunes. With REAL vintage instruments… nothing artificial. REAL performances by REAL musicians. Yeah, baby. (I said that already I know but I mean it.)

I think that’s good for now… I’ll write more about my history and where I grew up later… maybe in a blog or something. But right now I want to talk about my influences and WHO I LOVE!


This is my list of who I love and why I find them so inspiring…

  • Sarah Vaughn – What incredible style and vibratto … as a teenager I used to practice to her for hours.
  • Joss Stone – Another queen of soul in my book… so soulful and beautiful. And she doesn’t wear shoes onstage how cool is that. (She’s tall so she can get away with it…)
  • Alecia Keyes – I am greatly inspired by her songwriting. An absolute master.
  • Jamie Cullum – Have you heard of this cat? He infuses pop with jazz and still goes back and nails the old tunes authentically. Unbelievable talent.
  • Susan Tedeschi – An amazingly talented woman of blues… had an opportunity to sing backgrounds with her Summerfest and hang out with her and the crew and Ravinia. She’s a really stunning human being. PLUS she nails all those blues guitar riffs wearing high heels and a classy dress. Um. Yeah. Badass.
  • Bonnie Raitt – The voice, style… really gained a lot of fans when she crossed over into pop in the 80’s… including me. I was pretty obsessed. Put some great blues/pop style on mainstream radio.


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A big thank you to Chris Wiken for the sponsorship, encouragement and support that made this project possible.